About us

About .NG Academy

The pace of technological change accelerates every year, thereby increasing the need for highly skilled individuals. As technology advances, new jobs will be created in fields related to new energy sources, cyber-security, government regulations, mobile computing applications or service customisation.
.NG Academy was established by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) in November 2014 to operate as a special-purpose vehicle, contributing to the emerging market for technology in Africa with the development of innovative learning solutions needed for the development of the digital economy.
The aims of the Academy are to:
  • Develop innovative learning solutions for the development of the Digital Economy in Nigeria and by extension Africa
  • Develop the Domain Name System (DNS) Industry locally and internationally through skill acquisition and capacity building.
  • Build local DNS Entrepreneurs
  • Develop an understanding and bridge the gap in the knowledge base of the DNS Industry in Nigeria and extend the same to the rest of Africa
  • Provide in-depth training on subjects related to Internet Governance

  • Develop capacity in other DNS ancillary/related skills such as Website design, Cybersecurity, Networking, Business Development, and Management, etc.

  • Create opportunities for the youth to build and develop their own businesses and contribute to the growth of the Nigerian and African economies.

  • Provide globally recognized certification with third-party partnerships that include NITDA, NCC, ICANN, CPN, AFRINIC, AFTLD, etc.

Our goal is to provide the learner with practical, timely and relevant knowledge to present a competitive response to the industry’s requirements. We offer a variety of programmes focused on strategic and trending technology and delivered by highly experienced faculty. Our learning methodology provides learners with the option to pursue certifications appropriate to their needs.

To continuously drive and promote a sustainable digital economy, .NG Academy strives to provide Africa with the right set of skills in technology.

Vision Mission

Our Mission

To foster the development of relevant skills in the Digital Economy through innovative learning solutions.

Our Vision

To be the leading academy in the Digital Economy 

Our Values

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We believe that with technology, there are no frontiers beyond our reach

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We leverage the expertise of all stakeholders across the digital economy

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We maintain the highest quality

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We build trust by transparency

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We deliver sustainable digital skills to create economic opportunities

Why .NG Academy

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Many experienced individuals may have stopped receiving formal education despite new technologies, processes, and best practices being introduced in the workplace. As a result, we constantly update our career programmes, offering individuals unique upskilling opportunities. For individuals with limited experience or new aspirations, our certifications are an effective way to quickly ramp up knowledge and skills to pursue a new job career in as little as a few months.

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Many employers internally recognise employees when they obtain relevant certification. As a result of this recognition, certified employees often gain broad exposure across an organisation, resulting in new connections and opportunities. Certifications are an objective, unbiased barometer of your skills. Certified employees stand out among peers when seeking an internal job promotion as they are more likely viewed as expert-level members of the team and continuous learners.

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We provide professional courses that enable individuals to differentiate themselves from other job applicants. Competition is often fierce when employers interview candidates, and candidates with certifications have an advantage. The importance of certifications to hiring managers cannot be overemphasised as it is considered a factor in 91% of hiring decisions.

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Certifications help individuals plug into new communities to share knowledge and best practices. Many of these groups offer member-only benefits, such as job boards, white papers, and networking opportunities.

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Assists the workforce with understanding the requirements of their jobs to positively impact their respective organisations and assist in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

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Certifications commonly lead to an increase in salary. For example, PMP-certified project managers earn an average of 22 per cent more in compensation than non-certified project managers.